The airport is owned by the City of Yakima and is managed by current airport staff. Maintenance and operations of the airport are funded solely through revenues generated by the airport.

History of Yakima Airport

In 1926, the location of what is now the Yakima Airport was an 80 acre field of sagebrush. In 1932, the airport was improved by adding a 2,600 ft long gravel landing strip with a drainage system. Shortly after this, the area was graded and surfaced for Runway 9/27, at 3,750 ft, and Runway 4/22, at 3,000 ft. In 1940, the old runways were converted into taxiways and a new 5000 ft runway (the new Runway 9/27) and a new 4000 ft runway (the new Runway 4/22) were completed. In 1949, a new passenger terminal was constructed which also housed the FAA control tower and the local National Weather Service office. In 1974, the FAA built our new control tower, which is where our FAA Air Traffic Control currently works. We installed our first Instrument Landing System on Runway 9/27 in 1953.  Our airport continues to grow, and we continue to serve the Greater Yakima Valley.

Airport Receives First Oshkosh Striker Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicle in Washington State!

Striker-2 Striker-1 striker

In July of 2005, the airport took delivery on a high-tech Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Vehicle. The new vehicle, an Oshkosh STI-1500 Striker, employs advanced electronics to assist firefighters in their ARFF duties. One of the new features is a forward looking infra-red camera system. This will assist firefighters in locating aircraft anytime visibility is low (such as foggy conditions) and identifying ‘hot-spots’ on aircraft. The vehicle cost $620,000, 95% of which was paid for by a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. The airport’s Passenger Facility Charge covered the remaining 5%. The ARFF truck was presented to the City of Yakima Fire Department at Station 94 at the airport. The City of Yakima provides highly trained Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting personnel. The airport also provides the specialized equipment used to combat aircraft fires. Photo courtesy of City of Yakima Fire Department, Station 94.

Runway Project