Yakima Air Terminal – McAllister Field

PFC Application Public Notice

Notice of Intent to submit an application to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to impose and use a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) for various projects at the Yakima Air Terminal (YKM).  General information is included in the Air Carrier Notification letter as is general project information, justification, estimated costs, etc.  The Air Carrier Consultation Meeting is October 20, 2016. Written public comments will be accepted until close of business, October 16, 2016.  Comments should be sent to Airport Manager, 2406 W Washington Ave, Suite B, Yakima, WA  98903.  ATTN: PFC-16 Collection Comments. The PFC Program, allowing an airport to collect $4.50 from each qualified passenger for approved airport projects is allowed under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 158.  Part 158 is available and may be viewed on the FAA’s website (www.faa.gov).


PFC level to be charged will be $4.50.The proposed charge effective date is estimated to be 2/1/17.The proposed charge expiration date is estimated to be 7/31/2019. The estimated total PFC revenue will be $634,000. Below is a description of the projects as outlined in CFR 158.23(a)(1)


In accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), 14 CFR Part 158.23, the Yakima Air Terminal is obligated to inform in writing, the air carriers operating at Yakima of its intent to submit an application to the FAA for authority to impose a PFC prior to the submission of the application to the FAA.  This correspondence will fulfill this requirement, and the outline will follow Part 158.23(a) and (b).158.23(a)(1)



Start Date


End Date

Security Fence for ILS relocation 20,000 0 20,000 NA Security Fence for ILS relocation 11/1/16 12/30/16


Security Fence for Airport Lane 84,000 0 84,000 NA Need Security Fence for new access road 3/1/17 8/1/17
East Terminal GA ramp & Taxiway B crack seal 150,000 0 150,000 NA Ramp and Taxiway in need of crack seal for preservation 6/1/17 9/30/17
West Ramp – Construction 130,000 1,170,000 1,300,000 Rehab West Ramp outlived its useful life 4/1/18 9/30/18
ARFF vehicle  design  & purchase 100,000 900,000 1,000,000 ARFF vehicle  design  & purchase 1987 ARFF  vehicle outlived useful life 3/1/19 6/1/2020
Runway 422 Seal Coat 50,000 0 50,000 NA Runway 422 in need of Seal Coat for preservation and FOD prevention 1/1/16 12/30/17
Airfield Markings (black outlining per A/C) 100,000 0 100,000 NA Blackout markings per AC 150/5340/1L 5/1/17 8/31/17
Totals 634,000 2,070,000 2,704,000        

158.23(a)(2)        1.  PFC level to be charged will be $4.50.

                                2.  The proposed charge effective date is estimated to be 2/1/17

                                3.  The proposed charge expiration date is estimated to be 7/31/19

                                4.  The estimated total PFC revenue will be $634,000.



1.  The Yakima Air Terminal will request that air taxi/commercial operators be exempt from the charge.


2.  CY2015 ACAIS Database

ATCO – Nonscheduled/On-Demand Air Carriers, filing   FAA Form 1800-31

 Aero Jet Services LLC                                                            2                       

Cline Air Services LLC                                                            3

Seneca Flight Operation.                                                      8

ATCO Total                                                                            13


FFC-Foreign Air Carriers Filingt-100(f)

Air Georgian (ZX#)                                                              8

London Air Services Limited (14Q)                                     8

 FFC Total                                                                                16


3.  This class of carriers enplaned 29 passengers in 2015.  This represents 1% of the total reported enplanements of 63,747.


4.  Historically, this class of carriers has compromise less than 1% of the total boarding’s and collection of the PFC   would be unduly burdensome to these carriers.